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Meaning of ‘portfolio career’ (and other terms) to describe freelancing

I think ‘portfolio career’ is the perfect term to describe the career of a Virtual Assistant.

Thought to have originated in around the late 1990s, the name describes multiple separate part-time jobs combined into one. And a โ€˜portfolioโ€™ of skills is essentially what you might be building by becoming a transcriber โ€“ adding it to your list of expertise, along with your VA work, just like so many other Virtual Assistants do.

Here is a fun list of some other terms to describe freelancing work:

Entrepreneur (love it or hate it?!)
Side hustle (love it or hate it?!)
One woman band / one man band
Paddling your own canoe
Multi-hyphenate career
Hired gun

Some of these are loved and hated! In particular, ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘side hustle’ tend to rankle people. Let me know what you think of these words and if you can think of any more in the comments down below ๐Ÿ™‚

Get further inspiration from this article on Medium – particularly the ‘Stay Open to Learning’ section – a rule I swear by. You have to stay dynamic to stay in business!

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